Your presentation is boring and your slides suck.

Have you ever been to a presentation where the speaker is boring? Where the slides don’t evoke any emotions and are filled with an endless amount of bullet points that are definitely not cohesive? I am sure you have been in some of these talks.

It bothers me when a speaker starts his/her presentation by asking people not to play with their electronic devices while speaking. Or when a speaker says, “I guess nobody is paying attention”. In this world where there’s more and more distraction, people’s attention is pressured by a large variety of stimuli. In other words, people’s attention becomes rare and scarce. Therefore, it is the speaker’s job to be interesting and to gain the audience’s attention. If you are a speaker and you cannot do that, you need to stop speaking or learn how to do it in a non-boring way.

You are not God, which means you don’t own absolute knowledge. People can find what you are saying on Google or watch a TED talks. So if people give you their time, you had better do something with it. Don’t be boring! Be engaging and interesting!

If you are interested in improving your public speaking skills, here are three great free resources that can help you become the speaker you dream of being. Don’t forget that simply reading or watching will not make you a great speaker; you need to internalize and integrate these improved speaking habits into your speaking DNA.

Resonate, a book by Nancy Duarte, teaches how to create amazing visuals to better convey what you are saying. She is one of the world’s top experts in presentation design.!page0

Talk like TED, is a one hour talk that Carmine Gallo gave at Microsoft. The talk is based on his latest book, The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds. This presentation will help you discover the three components of any great presentation. Gallo’s a well-known communication coach who has worked for top brands such as Coca-Cola, Chevron and LinkedIn.

Last but not least is the amazing, short blog post of Seth Godin about the danger of bullets points. In his short blog post titled “Most presentations aren’t bullet proof”, Godin expresses the reasons why bullets point are not always to the best way to convey a message. Godin is a renowned author of more than 10 books and is my personal favorite. He is an amazing thought leader. (Allow me to be a little biased here.)

Don’t be boring! Learn to be interesting.

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