There was a time you needed to wear black shoes, a tie or tuck your shirt inside your pants.

There was a time you had to cut your hair or change your color if you were black.

There was a time you could not get on the bus because you were black.

In the history of the world there are many periods of intolerance and absolute rejection of otherness; as the time humanity killed Galileo because he said the world was not flat. There were plenty of times like these and they continue still. A certain time you could be killed because you were not Catholic, at other times people would kill you because you were Catholic.

There was time you could not find a great job without a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

There was a time you had to learn and keep everything in your head to be considered a genius.

There was a time everything was controlled by a group of people. We needed to pass through them to get our book published, promote our art or get that job.

Sorry this time is long gone. This time is not anymore.

Now! It’s yours. Your time to show your work and do the thing that you think it is right to do. Not running behind the money, but catching our genius. Not so long ago, we needed to have a factory to get rich. Today a single piece of software or a website can turn everything upside down.

The time when the status quo controlled what you do and how you do it is long gone. The time of standardization is gone. Aren’t you happy? You can finally be you and stop faking it.

I am part of the group of people who break the rules. Not the laws. I feel they are not really rules, they are just garbage that people like me and you invented to control others and get compliance.

Do we have to wear a suit to do business? Why? Who said that? Is the suit a business tool? If yes, why isn’t it the same everywhere in the world? People in the street don’t do business with suit. Doing business requires TRUST not a suit.

We have put emphasis on things that don’t matter. We work on impression and not impact. Am I better if you see my nice shoes?

How do you measure my honesty?

How do you measure my loyalty?

Yeah! You can measure me on my style, my tattoos, and my hair.


I think it’s time to stop this shit. I used to be this kind of conservative, the one way person. We have to do what is right for us and let the others do what they right for them as long as they don’t harm us. What’s the problem if I were two different shoes? Does someone get sick? Just because you are not used to it, doesn’t mean it is not good.

I am proud of to be part of this group of people. We challenge the status quo every day and every second.

They might never like us, but we challenge them. We show them what they refuse to see, we break our shell.

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