How many times have you had a good idea, a good project, a good product that you wanted to launch? I bet you’ve had plenty of these. Pumped up and excited about it, you invited people to join your cause or your idea. You were sure that it was the best idea ever, so you poured your time and soul into it. You worked days and nights on this project hoping to some get attention and support. I bet you were expecting that right? Ok! Let me share this powerful sentence with you my friend: This is not for you. (Start memorizing it now.)

Not everybody will like your idea, your project or your product. Your job is not to convince everybody to be on board, nor to convince the masses to join your project or adopt your idea. Your unique job is to build your tribe. Two people who can connect with your idea is enough, five people who can connect with your idea is plenty. It’s not the number that matters; it’s the quality that matters. Your job is to take care of these people that connect with your work and give them more of you, more of your work.

These people (early adopters) will bring more people to your tribe. They are your first influencers. They can rally more people to join your cause. Start by giving your best to this small group before looking for new customers and volunteers. Define your audience because you cannot reach everybody. If some people don’t get your work, that’s ok. You need to be humble and courageous enough to say the sentence we learned at the beginning. This is not for you. Go give it to the people who get and believe in it.

I was introduced to this phrase in a Seth Godin blog’s post. I think we all need to learn to accept that some people will not accept us. Yet, we should never let the lack of recognition and the fame virus stops us from doing our work.

If you don’t get this blog post, maybe “this is not for you.”

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