You will work hard, do your very best and fail despite all. This is my wish to you if it has not happened yet.

After 50 days of rain, the village of beauty was divided in two. One day, one of the women got an idea. She gathered all the people around the village and suggested to create a bridge. All the villagers were blissful. They would finally be able to see their friends on the other side. They worked days and nights to build the bridge. When came the last day to finish the bridge, a small piece of metal was missed. This metal existed only in a small country in the America called Kiskeya. Because the rains had taken all their belongings, they built a small boat to cross the ocean. They got to the country and brought the metal back. To their astonishment, a violent earthquake has destroyed the bridge when they came back. From the collapsed houses, they found enough bricks to build a better bridge. This bridge became a monument and lasted 300 hundred years.

You might never find yourself in similar dreadful situation, but wait. There will be days as if the universe is against you. That everything you touch becomes poison. Don’t be discouraged, don’t give in, the obstacle might be the way.

In the midst of all the drama, you might be tempted to lose your focus, even your mind. Be careful; it’s precisely what the obstacle is waiting for to keep you down there forever. “It’s ok to be discouraged, but it’s not ok to give up,” Says Ryan Holiday in his book The Obstacle Is The Way.

Keep your perspective. See the obstacles as opportunity to grow. Opportunity to better yourself, remember this: all the greatest people in the world have gone through shittier situation than yours. Lincoln lost his wife, failed over and over in elections. It’s not about you.

The world is not against you. The world doesn’t revolve around you. It is not out to get you. The obstacles don’t know who you are or your background. All it knows is that it’s there to polish you. The obstacles rob the dirt out of you and let the gold shine.

I am now facing my own obstacles. After two months at a job, I had to resign. I spent my money commuting, eating, but did not get paid a cent. I am now broke and have to face my true self. The world is now waiting to see–who am I?

Now I am asking you the question posed by Ryan Holiday. Read it twice.

Certain things in life will cut you open like a knife. When that happens—at that exposing moment—the world gets a glimpse of what’s truly inside you. So what will be revealed when you’re sliced open by tension and pressure? Iron? Or air? Or bullshit?