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IMPACT’s mission is to help Haitian high school students view
themselves as potential entrepreneurs who can create economic prosperity, instead of people destined to a life of poverty.

IMPACT  Ayiti empowers high school students by providing entrepreneurship education and tools to help them become financially responsible and conscientious of their ability to impact Haiti’s economy.


Why this project?

I chose this mission because I am sick of this following statement: “Politic power for the masses (people like me that have education) and economic power for the mulatto.” I do not want to enter the dynamic of class, but I think it’s time to teach the young people of the masses the rudiments of money and business. It is not a secret magic. We have too long fooled them into thinking that God want them to be poor and they are going to live in this magic land in the sky. It’s time to stop this comedy.

I am of one these rare young people that have hacked the system. I used to live with less than 3 dollars a day. My mother worked as teacher for 18 years and do you know much she is earning right now?, an equivalent of 50 USD a month. Do I want to finish my life like this? Is this has to be the price waiting for young people of the masses? No, I don’t think so.


From the Ghetto where I grew up, I could see on the other side of the mountain how the houses of the people with economic opportunities were. They were not like mine with five people in a room. I changed my mindset and hacked the system. I have self-taught myself, read books, developed my self-esteem, and sold apparels to classmates.

I learned graphic design by going to a cyber café where a friend of my mom was working. He used to lock me inside the building to practice because the owner would kick me out. The owner found me one day and humiliated me, but at that time I was already became a graphic designer. Since, I have started a career as a freelance graphic designer and I have also worked for a range of non-profit organizations. I strongly believe that other young people can do the same. I have done it, they can do.

I do not think all young people of the masses can become entrepreneur, but a least we need to show them the path. They need to be aware of the opportunities to be independent.