Did you ask any NGO or the government? That was my friend’s question when I told him about my social campaign “Prezan 2016”.

No I did not, I am looking to start a grassroots movement driven by individuals, not by the government nor an NGO. Our goal is to connect busy individuals who want to make a difference with those in need.

Prezan 2016 aims to provide school supplies to 500 ( double of last year) students in Haiti with the support of individuals all over the world so that students go to school instead of staying at home out of shame. Technology reduces distance, so we are using social media power to create an engaging movement, effectively building a tribe that believes in the power of education. Creating videos and inviting people to participate via challenges and sharing social posts are some of the ways we are making the campaign fun and engaging.

Prezan 2016 is an initiative of Impact Ayiti, a non-profit whose mission is to provide entrepreneurship education and financial literacy to disadvantaged high school students in Haiti. Since our launch in 2015 we have trained around 100 students in the west and south part of Haiti.  For more information visit www.impactayiti.org 

Here are the different ways you can support the campaign between now and September 5th:

  • Donate money securely on our GoFundMe page.
  • Donate school supplies if you are living in Haiti.
  • Use the campaign logo as your social media profile picture.
  • Post a picture or video on social media each time you donate. Use the hashtag #mapfewprezan2016
  • Follow Impact Ayiti on Instagram,  Twitter  and Facebook .

final (1)

The world is neutral–it’s neither good nor bad. Since we’re the ones who made it what it is, we have the power to make it better.

We are never too poor to help. Helping is a mindset. Giving a lot isn’t the issue; making a tiny difference in someone else’s life is the essence of helping.

Don’t let them stay at home due to shame of not having school supplies.

Join the Prezan 2016

Be present for them.

Experience Prezan 2015