When I was in elementary school I had this self-esteem problem because I was short. I grew up kind of wishing I were taller. I started hating who I was. My classmates used to call me “little mouse”. I did not like it, but I guess I believed it. I carried this low self-esteem mentality during my first two years of high school until the day I said that’s enough. I stopped caring about their commentaries, their opinions and started loving myself as never before. I spent countless hours and days alone trying to discover my worth, my strengths and my inner core being.

It’s kind of funny how it worked out—I even became better with girls. It’s as if I had won the lottery! As soon as I started loving and appreciating who I was, a lot of people started to appreciate me and see my worth too. I might come off sometimes as arrogant, but that’s fine. You don’t reach your full potential by placing a lot of importance on people’s opinions of you. Never forget that you are the only one who knows where you are going.

Here comes the dark side of finding out who you are. When you start becoming you and finding your voice, your passion or your calling, many people will, unfortunately, perceive you as a threat. “How come?”, you might be wondering. Here’s what I think. Because it takes a great amount of time to find your core self, a lot people running the rat race of life don’t make enough time to dig down to find theirs. They are busy turning in their homework, having dinner with friends, watching TV, Facebooking or simply making a living. Therefore, people who don’t find their core self cannot understand the way you act or why you do what you do. These people might be your wife, husband, son or closest friends. It’s not because they don’t love you—they still do. You are just moving to a new, higher psychological paradigm and they feel disconnected to you. It’s like you’ve parted into two different worlds. What happens then?

You start not having enough time to share with them. You will start acting weirder and weirder in their eyes. Even you, you won’t understand what’s happening. Don’t worry, I can relate. This is the mutation phase. This is the hardest phase; it takes gut and persistence to get through it. But only when you pass through it can you elevate others and inspire them to get to their next level. We all have a specific mission assigned to us. Will you do yours? Or will you continue to pretend that you can’t do it because you are married, you are short, the economy is bad and your family is poor? Will you continue to make excuses or will you burn the list of excuses? It’s up to you…

Are you ignoring your calling? Do you take enough time to listen to your inner voice? It might be time to do so. Start now by reserving a 20 minutes of alone time each day to think about your life and who you are. Stop the robotic life and start living the human life. Choose your path. Nobody warned me, but I am warning you. It’s going to be hard.

Which path will you choose?

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