Many times I have found myself lost in the “if I would have done this, things would be different “story. You have probably been in the same place many times. We cannot move forward if we continue to look back. The “if I just could have done this or the other” does not exist anymore. Yesterday is gone; stop wasting your time and live for today!

Life is about doing or not. It is time to focus on what you have today and what you can build for tomorrow. Your past does not have to define who you are right now, but this day helps define the self you will be tomorrow. We often focus on what we could have done; what we did wrong, or what we did not do, and in doing so, we miss out on the right now. The present is filled with great opportunities and great people; a smile or even the sun crossing the horizon. It is time to embrace life and make the most of our present.

Take a look to what you are doing right now, are you missing anything? Are you screwing things up?  STOP! Let’s fix today’s trouble to unlock the doors of the future. Don’t stay stuck in the past, enjoy the present because it will soon be gone and unchangeable.

Today is the day to change the way you think about humanity and the way you act toward people. This is the day to accept your mistakes,

to stop having fear,

to speak and stand up for yourself and others,

to try harder,

to take action,

to be free, kind and fair.

Today is the day to forgive, to love, to be grateful, to learn, to dream, to give, to share, to cherish, to help, to believe, to value things for their meaning and not for their cost.

Today is the day to live.

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