Most of you have heard about the hurricanes, earthquake, hunger, and political instability of Haiti. But we have more than that. Today I want to take you on a trip through Haitian history, culture and nature.


Are you ready? Please buckle your seat belt and let’s begin by traveling through history.

On January 1, 1804 a group of black slaves sought liberty. Before 1804, Haiti was colonized by France, which was at that time governed by the great soldier Napoleon Bonaparte. Tired of slavery, this group of slaves led by Jean Jacques Dessalines fought the French army, the strongest empire of that time. On November 18, 1803 they engaged in their last battle.  Using machetes, picks and others farming tools, these slaves with no education fought like gladiators. Each one of their hits, their punches sounded like thunder, even nature saluted their victory. On that day, Haiti became the first Black Independent Nation in the world.


As you are traveling with me, let me bring you into a magical place, where dance and music will be your hosts for joy and fun. Every year in February, Haitians and tourists around the world take part in this festivity, the carnival.  Among a crowd of thousands of people, you can feel the echo of the drums repeating inside you. The melodies of the keyboard call you to follow some bands by foot, and if you don’t pay attention, you may get lost.  Some super masks of political characters, animals, or original creations will amaze or scare you. If you are man and you say, “Wow!” I am pretty sure you just saw one of those attractive sexy girls in costumes of princess, of flowers or simply in short pants.


After so much fun and dancing, you may want to go to a heavenly place, where your body and spirit can find their peace. So welcome to our blue beaches where the waves sing the songs of calm and the sun caresses your skin by deposing his painting.  For some amazing sightseeing, let’s go to The Citadelle a monument which dates back to the 19th century. Looking for adventure?  Let’s jump in some waterfall pools or hike some high mountains.  I would need an entire lifetime to share with you all the charm and beauty of one the poorest nation, but a job the media can do negatively in 1 minute.

As your Host I can’t leave you with an empty stomach. Let’s end this trip with pink roast fish, seasoned with lemon. For you who are carnivorous, some delicious Haitian pork griot will give you a taste of our culture. To finish your feast, I leave you with sweet delicious coconut water or our 2012 world champion Beer, Prestige.

It was a pleasure to be you pilot during this imaginary tour.  Now I am inviting you to experience it and spread the truth about Haiti.  This is not a scoop.