Dear Self,

When did your current situation become okay?

When did you learn to settle for what’s being handed to you?

When did you become that soft?

Sorry to start off so hard on you, but I was dying to remind you who you are before everything.

You are not doing your best. You are lying to the world. What are you doing with all this reserve? You’ve got more in you kid, so why are you keeping it? The world will never give you your place if you are so hesitant… You have be fearless and stand tall… Jesus, Mohammad Ali, Martin Luther King, they weren’t flinching–they went all in and look at what they represent to the world now. You are not naked enough, too much buffer between your dogma, you and what you can do.

I have seen chaos fall into place, I can assure that you will be fine. Don’t let your health deteriorate, anxiety is a poison got it out of your life. The worst that can happen is death, so in the meantime enjoy life, even in the shittiest situations. You’ve got the right tools, keep looking for the right mix. This your path to manhood. Today’s failures are equipping you with the necessary tools needed to manage future successes.  It’s okay to fail bro, it’s fine.

Tackle your limiting beliefs. They are the things you tell yourself because you have been taught to think that way or believe this is the way you are. You deserve to be loved, stop believing otherwise. So challenge these beliefs, push the envelope.

Don’t just on sit the edge, jump! If you can’t jump, at least look down.

I have seen your pain in trying to get the world approval by all you do, but it’s not going to work that way. I have seen your work, I have seen your aspirations and I know you have the magic in your hands… Please stop trying to get them, just do your thing, and stop looking at your numbers and analytics… Believe me, once you stop looking and counting your steps, you will get faster to your destination. Make your destinations envious to have you because you are going to bring value to the destination.

It’s not the destination that has the blessings, you are the blessings.

A letter  I wrote to myself during my depression period. I have survived and the ego and negative self-talk have faded away.  If you have experienced depression , please do not hesitate to share with me your techniques so that I can help others who suffer in silence.