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7 Gwo Leson “Branding” Zansèt yo Kite Pou Ou Atravè Drapo a

Chak fwa ble e wouj la flote, yon santiman fyète anvayiw. Ou raplew kew sot nan gran ras.

Anblèm lan raplew, ou lib e libè.

Kòman yon moso twal fè enspire tout emosyon sa yo?

Mpa bezwen diw plis pouw wè drapo nou se bèl egzanp de yon “Brand” ki fò. Jodia mvle pataje avèw 7 gwo leson branding zansèt yo kite pou ou atravè drapo a.

1- Yon bèl istwa (Brand Story)

San yon istwa dèyè mak ou a, li pap ka transande letan. Rezon ki fèw fyè de drapo a se istwa saa «yon pil esklav kreye ak envante libète pou pèp nwa ». Lè yon moun gadew kòm « brand » oswa pwodui la, ki istwa ki kache dèyèl? Ki emosyon sa kreye lakay yo? read more

Success: 7 Lessons You Can Learn From The First Independent Black Nation

Blood was pouring down his cheeks and he was shaking. He was on the verge of dying―he had just won his last fight. In most movies the hero’s journey is always full of struggles, but at the end of the day she wins. Why? Because to be a hero you must embrace your darkness before finding your hero power. We all love to learn from the former underdogs, the ones who defied the odds, so here are 7 success tips you can learn from the first independent black nation in the world.

At this point you are asking yourself: Which country was the first black independent nation? My response might surprise you, so take a deep breath. Yes, Haiti. Usually called the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, Haiti is the mother of freedom. read more

HaitiNumérique2030 : 22 big takeaways

A futuristic vision of Haiti

It was 5:05 pm when I got to the Royal Oasis Hotel to take part at HaitNumérique2030. At the end of the stairs I met a classmate whom I haven’t seen in 7 years who quickly asked, “Are you having a session at the conference?” I politely replied, “no.” Then, we discussed about technology and social media in Haiti. After a few minutes, I went on to network with some folks who like my work online. It felt good to know your work is making a difference. But we aren’t here to talk about my feelings (lol). read more

Haiti : This is not a scoop

Most of you have heard about the hurricanes, earthquake, hunger, and political instability of Haiti. But we have more than that. Today I want to take you on a trip through Haitian history, culture and nature.


Are you ready? Please buckle your seat belt and let’s begin by traveling through history.

On January 1, 1804 a group of black slaves sought liberty. Before 1804, Haiti was colonized by France, which was at that time governed by the great soldier Napoleon Bonaparte. Tired of slavery, this group of slaves led by Jean Jacques Dessalines fought the French army, the strongest empire of that time. On November 18, 1803 they engaged in their last battle.  Using machetes, picks and others farming tools, these slaves with no education fought like gladiators. Each one of their hits, their punches sounded like thunder, even nature saluted their victory. On that day, Haiti became the first Black Independent Nation in the world. read more

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