You have probably never think of yourself as a cheater, but hold on! You might be one. I was 15 when I started writing. When I got into my 20’s I started cheating on myself about writing. When I needed to write, I would go out with friends pretending I needed to bond. I spent almost five years cheating on myself, until the day I had no lies left. All I had were a note book and a pen. At this very moment, I became this: WRITER

If you don’t have a similar story or haven’t cheated on yourself yet, please do not continue reading this.

You promised to yourself that you were not going to settle, but you did. When did you forget who you are? When the world did fit you into his motion flow? When did you become part of the crowd? When did you start cheating and give up your true self?

These are the questions you might need to answer in your next free time. Maybe two months from now, when there’s nothing on TV, when your friends aren’t on Facebook, when there is no emergency at work or simply when everything is under control.

If it’s the perfect the time you are waiting, you will never answer these questions. The perfect time will never be perfect. We have to create the perfect time amid the dramas and imperfections of life.

As kids, we grew up with grit and beautiful dreams. As get we get older we start a lying career. We lie so much to ourselves that those lies become the very essence of our nature. They become the truth, our truth and our stories. The truth we tell ourselves.

You might be cheating on yourself if like me if:

  • You are always pushing your dreams and your creative work for later.
  • You find yourself in “When I have time” or “someday” mode. BTW, someday is not a day of the week.

We would probably get enraged at someone who lied to us. What about when we get cheated on? We often get discouraged; hate life or feel bad all the time. Sorry, but this cheater isn’t a friend or a partner. Take a close look in the mirror. Whom do you see?

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