Pride-proof, never heard of that term? No worries!

My goal with this post is to do my best to help you understand it.

I am too smart to start at the bottom..

Does he know where I was in school?

These kinds of sentences aren’t pride-proof. Life is a school. We can’t skip class in life. Even when we do, life will force us to take the class (experience). Some situations, some setbacks are inherent to our growth. They are a pass to a higher state.

What’s the pride test about? The pride test happens to everybody, but more often to high achiever. This is when life submits us to a full range of difficult situations; situations that appear to be below our capacity. Situations that are seemingly shameful. When it happens, please hold! Hold! It’s a trick.

The real thing you need is hidden behind this shameful situation.

Have you been through the pride test? How did u react?

Wisdom, total acceptance, letting go of guilt/shame are all you need to pass through the hell. When you pass through hell make sure you go with all your strengh and shackle every piece of the enemy. Learned all you can of it.

Keep your head high, but don’t let pride prevent you from getting to your very best. The unfair situation is here to help you access your very best. Can you go through unfair situation, socially shameful, and despite all be you. Now I am asking you:

Are you pride proof? Are you?

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