It was Saturday evening after work hours. I had an idea. As a communication/marketing officer for a not- for-profit, I also do social media management. We usually promote a weekly act of kindness, where we encourage our audience to do something nice for themselves, for others or their community. While sitting in my office, I asked myself the following: Why should our audience do it if we actually don’t? I sometimes do some good, but why don’t I do it right now? I said to myself.

So I decided to go to a public park looking for someone sad or sitting alone. My plan was to talk or give some money to this person.

I went to a first public, walked all over, but did not find anybody that I felt I could help. Anyone whom I felt connected to. I did not want to go home without doing a good deed. So I said to myself that I would just pay the taxi for someone while going home. Again, I felt it was not what I really wanted to do, so I went to another public park. At first I found a lady who was looking at me from the other side while I was cleaning my shoes. She was eating, but did not have anything to drink. Then I said to myself, I am going to talk to her and give her something to drink. But by the time I finished cleaning my shoes, she disappeared mysteriously. I felt desperate, but continued to walk into the park.

The park was neat. It’s the kind of park you would like to find yourself in a Sunday afternoon if you are looking to dive into the Haitian culture. Students studying, people talking, selling–a good painting of what Haiti is about.

As I was walking along, I saw a young lady yawning. I was afraid to talk to her and walked past. There were a lot of people close to her and I did not want to pass for a psychopath or a thief (laugh). Feet away from her, my other-self talked to me—Why are you afraid? Then, I conquered my fear and went back to talk to her. I introduced myself. She was nursing student blah blah blah. I told her I was like her with dreams and that I truly believe that she could reach her own goals. I encouraged her to follow her dreams and I offered her something to drink which she refused. Okay!

Still unsatisfied, I left the park. I took some money out of my wallet in the hope of finding someone who needed it. After around two minutes, I met an old man on crutches who he told me, “I am sorry if I am bothering you. I smiled and said “No you are not bothering me at all” and before he finished his sentence I reached in my pocket and gave him what was his. He looked at me straight me in the eyes and said ,“Thank you.” I patted him in the back and left with a smile and the feeling that I made a difference.

That was beautiful. I am not sharing this because I want to show how good I am, but because it was a powerful experience. I think in life when you ready mentally for something, it will come to your way. If you want to do something to help people, you will find a way. Go look for them; put yourself in the mental condition to find them.

You might feel good and they might feel good too. WIN-WIN

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