Have you ever wondered how a young Haitian who used to cook with pine cones could ever become a Toastmasters Champion and Clinton Global Initiative University attendee?

Are you looking for ways to break your fear and do the work that you love, the work that you know you need to do?

Are you someone with big dreams who is looking for advice, stories, and resources to help you grow mentally and spiritually and live your authentic self?

If you responded yes to one of these questions, you are in the right place.

I am not an expert, nor a scientist, but I have a PhD in dealing with poverty, hardships, humiliations, failures and a negative environments.

Toastmaster Winner

When you read my blog…

You will get inspired to start working on your goals and your passion.

Establish the discipline and mindset that will bring you success.

You are among the rare people who can learn from some of my unique and challenging life experiences while living in Haiti.

You will learn the rules of success from someone who succeeds despite all the odds.

You will be introduced to the best authors, books, videos and resources for personal development and improving your , public speaking, and social media savvy. These resources will inspire you and give you the edge you need to become a change maker.

What they say about me…

Pierre is an energetic speaker and courageous individual.

Dianne Young, The Past Toastmasters District 35 Governor

As program coordinator for Scholarship for Education and Economic development, I understand what drives this future star. Pierre has had a lifetime of hardships which break the spirits of most people, but in his case, have made him stronger, wiser and more determined. In the same way he has overcome all the odds, he is dedicated to helping people of Haiti rise out of poverty and seek a better future. His passion to help others is well represented in serving as a finalist in the Resolution Project at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative University, where he finished in the 25 projects from around the  world.                                                                                                  

Christopher Knight, SEED Program Coordinator, Northcentral Technical College

You were one of the few that I saw right away as “hitting the ground running”. You exude passion and fire like no other and it seems like your body will just explode when you speak about anything that you are passionate about, whether it’s making a change to those around you, or merely deciding what you want for dinner.

Ellen Anderson, SEED Program Coordinator Junior

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Did you know?

I am an Honorary Citizen of Wausau, Wisconsin, United States.

I received the president’s service Award from the President Barack Obama, white house.

As a Wisconsin Student Governor, I spoke to the Wisconsin congress in favor of a better American education system and received a certificate from Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin, United States for this action.

I have trained hundreds of young Haitians in leadership, time management, success and entrepreneurship.

As a non-native speaker, I became a State Toastmasters impromptu speech winner after only 9 months in the US.

My Struggles and Desire for Success

At 10 years old my mother was sent to a sanatorium for over three months. During that time other people treated my sister and I poorly, even my own family members. They were afraid of getting contaminated. I took care of my little sister, I braided her hair. This experience made me a man.

Some classmates accused me of stealing money when I was class president my senior year of high school. All of the school knew that and I was really ashamed of something I did not do (the whole story in one my talks). I even had suicidal thoughts, but I rose stronger from this experience. I stood in front of all and proved them wrong. They apologized and this experience made me a leader.

After one previous rejection, in 2012 I was awarded the SEED scholarship to study business management at Northcentral Technical College. The two years in the US on the SEED fellowship helped me expand exponentially and operate from my full potential. I leash out my inner genius, start blogging and read the best books I could get my hands on. It was a re- birth of my creativity and for once I did not have to care about what I am eating tomorrow, so I exclusively concentrated on becoming my best.

I am now designing my own path and you can too.

Blogging, marketing, social media, public speaking, leadership have become engrained into my DNA. Have I reached my peak? No, but I have done what is seen as impossible for people of my origin.

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