We are the first black independent nation in the world.

“The poorest country in the western hemisphere.” Because the international media have been overusing this line in news about Haiti, so if you live in there you might adopt this as a fact and condition your mentality likewise. On the other hand, you can take this as an opinion and decide to focus on the positive side which is “We are the first black independent nation in the world.” If we could gain our independence against the biggest army in the world, what can’t we do? The use of this mantra or this part of our story can motivate you to dream, dream to leave your finger print in the world by doing something—be remarkable.

The government is not taking care of you

As the government does not take care of us, we are forced to take care of ourselves. Nobody waits for the Prime Minister to give him or her health insurance, food, or education. You might say, “but this an irresponsible government” or, “this is poverty.” Yes, you might be right, but in the other spectrum it helps many of us make conscious choices to be self-reliant and develops responsibility skills. And you know what, this situation compels you to be the captain of your life. Because you already know it, so no blame. 100% responsibility.

We have a lot of problems

One common idea of an entrepreneur is this ordinary individual who decides to transform the problems others see into valuable opportunities. Because we have a lot of problems we are naturally forced to fight against them. One of the ways that we face our problems is by being creative. Create services, art, business ideas that might not exist in another part of the world. We are compelled to create order in the middle of the chaos. When things are tough, you will need to make tough decision and stretch as much as you can to come up with something. I call that creativity.

I am not trying to promote poverty as a way to become remarkable, highly responsible or develop creativity; however, we all can agree on that life challenges are the best catalyst in our pursuit of success. Living in Haiti is not easy for the people in the base of the socio-economic pyramid like me, but we have a choice. We can decide to complain, crawl or we can decide to use our pains as fuel to our success, like deciding to write this blog.

Living in Haiti. Wow! What a great opportunity to leverage poverty to become remarkable, to be responsible and to be creative. Oh, by the way, I am proof, as I have taken this opportunity.

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