It was a beautiful shiny day, the kind of day that makes you think that Earth might be the real heaven. It felt like Earth was suddenly alive. It was around 4hr 30 in the afternoon. I was going home from teaching a computer class. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise and felt a terrible vibration under my feet. At first, I thought the vibration came from a tractor or a big truck, so I moved to the side of the street to let pass the monster engine pass. Brrrrrrrrrrr! The earth started to vibrate harder. I just could not stand, so I laid down on the street.

After30-40 seconds, I saw the air changing to a gray frog; I saw the dust flying up like a choreography of tornadoes in the Sahara desert. I could not really see properly. Unfortunately, it was the 2010 Haitian earthquake. On January 12 at 4:53 PM, 200 000 people died. The ones that were left literally also died within themselves.

I still remember that day; I still remember where I was and how crazy I was looking for my mom and my friends. I saw so many bodies for the 24 hours following the incident that I think I am now accustomed to death. After this heartbreaking disaster, I stopped believing in life, in love and even in God. I just wanted to die. I used to ask myself “why I am alive while other people who are better than I am died? Why?” I just could not understand.

One day, I was listening to the radio and a pastor said this: “You can be angry at God because your friends or family died or you can thank him because you are alive”. This day I realized that I was alive and I could still have a life. Four years after this tragedy, I am living a dream. Yeah, I am studying in the U.S. After the catastrophe, I thought I did not have any future, I thought nothing was going to be possible, nothing good will happen in my life, like there was no future; however, God wanted something different.

This is my story and I am still living, but I want to take this time out to honor the memory of the hundreds of thousands of people who died that day. I don’t know the purpose I am not God, but one thing I am sure about is this: God has purpose. I sincerely, hope that we Haitians will do the best we can for our country in honor of these martyrs.

We can create new life; we can use our pain as fuel and motivation to make things better for the next generation. R.I.P

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