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Month: July 2016

Rejection : 7 tips to become rejection-proof

Overcome rejection

This post has nothing to do with positive thinking or self-fulling prophecy. 

Dear X,

Thanks you for your interest in becoming a (need for recognition) fellow. We regret to inform you that you were not selected…

When is the last time you received such correspondence?

I have been reading so many of these letters that I’ve become “rejection-proof, a new term I’ve come up with to define people who do not let rejections kill their best self.

When I first started receiving these letters, I would become stressed and depressed. Then I started realizing that these letters have nothing to do with me, the rejections are all about the organizations or people who send them. They themselves have their own issues.  Maybe they were drunk or tired when they read my resume or application.  Or maybe it was not a good match? Nothing wrong with that. read more

Are you making art? Only the artists will survive

There was a time when a group of people  controlled everything. Ironically, I call them the guardians. Their role was to protect the market place, the society, the human kind. Where are those people? What happened to them?

When I was seventeen, I had the intense desire of creating a radio show. As any young bright man would do, I prepare a two pages document explaining the objective of the radio show. Lucky, I knew someone who was working at a radio, I went to him, explained my idea, then handed him my two pages in the hope he’s going to do something about it. At least advising me or asking me questions. Until now I am still waiting to hear from him. Maybe he will call someday. read more

Haiti : This is not a scoop

Most of you have heard about the hurricanes, earthquake, hunger, and political instability of Haiti. But we have more than that. Today I want to take you on a trip through Haitian history, culture and nature.


Are you ready? Please buckle your seat belt and let’s begin by traveling through history.

On January 1, 1804 a group of black slaves sought liberty. Before 1804, Haiti was colonized by France, which was at that time governed by the great soldier Napoleon Bonaparte. Tired of slavery, this group of slaves led by Jean Jacques Dessalines fought the French army, the strongest empire of that time. On November 18, 1803 they engaged in their last battle.  Using machetes, picks and others farming tools, these slaves with no education fought like gladiators. Each one of their hits, their punches sounded like thunder, even nature saluted their victory. On that day, Haiti became the first Black Independent Nation in the world. read more

Depression: A letter to my depressed self

Dear Self,

When did your current situation become okay?

When did you learn to settle for what’s being handed to you?

When did you become that soft?

Sorry to start off so hard on you, but I was dying to remind you who you are before everything.

You are not doing your best. You are lying to the world. What are you doing with all this reserve? You’ve got more in you kid, so why are you keeping it? The world will never give you your place if you are so hesitant… You have be fearless and stand tall… Jesus, Mohammad Ali, Martin Luther King, they weren’t flinching–they went all in and look at what they represent to the world now. You are not naked enough, too much buffer between your dogma, you and what you can do. read more

TRAVAY : Kotew Envesti Tanw Ak Tanlaw | TAS vs TAP

Selon youn nan pwofesè ki pi pwodiktif nan peyi Etazini ki rele Carl New Port, genyen 2 kategori travay ke nou reyalize antanke pwofesyonèl.

Si wap gade nan anviwonman pwofesyonèl ou oswa nan pwòp karyèw, ou ka remake ou fè anpil tach, men se pa tout tach sa yo ki fè yon mak oswa enpak nan fonksyonman òganizasyon kotew ye a. Pran yon ti poz epi reponn kesyon sa yo :

  1. Ki tach mwen akonpli depim maten?
  2. Sim pat fè tach sa yo eske lavim, òganizasyon, djòb mwen tap afekte negativman? 
  3. Kijan sam fè yo kontribye nan avansman estriktirèl lavim, òganizasyonm oswa biznis mwen? 
  4. Ak ki fasilite yon lòt moun ki pa nan domèn mwen an ka repwodui sa map fè a?

Toujou selon ekspè a, siw vle genyen bon jan rezilta dirab, ou sipoze envesti tan ak talan nan kategori travay nou ka rele Travay An Pwofondè (TAP)”. read more

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