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The Art Of Leveraging Scarcity

Month: October 2014

Are u pride-proof?

Pride-proof, never heard of that term? No worries!

My goal with this post is to do my best to help you understand it.

I am too smart to start at the bottom..

Does he know where I was in school?

These kinds of sentences aren’t pride-proof. Life is a school. We can’t skip class in life. Even when we do, life will force us to take the class (experience). Some situations, some setbacks are inherent to our growth. They are a pass to a higher state.

What’s the pride test about? The pride test happens to everybody, but more often to high achiever. This is when life submits us to a full range of difficult situations; situations that appear to be below our capacity. Situations that are seemingly shameful. When it happens, please hold! Hold! It’s a trick. read more

The Obstacle Is The Way

You will work hard, do your very best and fail despite all. This is my wish to you if it has not happened yet.

After 50 days of rain, the village of beauty was divided in two. One day, one of the women got an idea. She gathered all the people around the village and suggested to create a bridge. All the villagers were blissful. They would finally be able to see their friends on the other side. They worked days and nights to build the bridge. When came the last day to finish the bridge, a small piece of metal was missed. This metal existed only in a small country in the America called Kiskeya. Because the rains had taken all their belongings, they built a small boat to cross the ocean. They got to the country and brought the metal back. To their astonishment, a violent earthquake has destroyed the bridge when they came back. From the collapsed houses, they found enough bricks to build a better bridge. This bridge became a monument and lasted 300 hundred years. read more

Help! I am suffering from impostor syndrome.

Are you laughing? It’s not a joke, I am serious. Are you wondering what’s impostor syndrome?

The impostor syndrome is psychological phenomenon that attacks successful people and high achiever. They feel like fraud, and that others could easily do what they have done.

Impostor syndrome is totally different from low self-esteem. People who suffer from impostor syndrome know their worth, but always feel the need to do more.

Sometimes I feel like a fraud. I feel I was not supposed to be where I am. People like me where supposed to be poor. Not as smart as I am. Not do what I do. Not read what I read. It’s as if I was out of place. When I talk with entourage, they don’t get me and I am wondering how I got there. I think I am fraud. This conversation is on cue in my head most of the time. read more

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