Pierre Stanley Baptiste

The Art Of Leveraging Scarcity

Month: August 2014

This time is gone

There was a time you needed to wear black shoes, a tie or tuck your shirt inside your pants.

There was a time you had to cut your hair or change your color if you were black.

There was a time you could not get on the bus because you were black.

In the history of the world there are many periods of intolerance and absolute rejection of otherness; as the time humanity killed Galileo because he said the world was not flat. There were plenty of times like these and they continue still. A certain time you could be killed because you were not Catholic, at other times people would kill you because you were Catholic. read more

An Act of Kindness Can Make You Happy

It was Saturday evening after work hours. I had an idea. As a communication/marketing officer for a not- for-profit, I also do social media management. We usually promote a weekly act of kindness, where we encourage our audience to do something nice for themselves, for others or their community. While sitting in my office, I asked myself the following: Why should our audience do it if we actually don’t? I sometimes do some good, but why don’t I do it right now? I said to myself.

So I decided to go to a public park looking for someone sad or sitting alone. My plan was to talk or give some money to this person. read more

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