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The Art Of Leveraging Scarcity

Month: July 2014

Are you feeding the poverty industry?

Is your aid hurting or helping?

For the last decade people all over the world have realized the need to help others in their own community and in other part of the world. But are they unconsciously hurting instead of helping? Did you know that on every dollar spent during the earthquake in Haiti, only one cent went to the government to help aid the people? Did you ?

Let’s consider the aid on a governmental and personal level.

On a governmental level many rich countries help poor country by providing financial and material resources, which is a really good thing, you might be saying. But let’s take a deeper look. When it come to financial resources, the countries helping come with their own experts on poverty. These experts earn a big chunk of money, stay at the best hotels, eat the best food and ironically try to figure out poverty’s solution from books. When it comes to in-kind donations, they are often finite resources. This is not sustainable. There are few NGO’s that help population becomes independent. If they do, it means the end of their existence as organization. read more

This is not for you.

How many times have you had a good idea, a good project, a good product that you wanted to launch? I bet you’ve had plenty of these. Pumped up and excited about it, you invited people to join your cause or your idea. You were sure that it was the best idea ever, so you poured your time and soul into it. You worked days and nights on this project hoping to some get attention and support. I bet you were expecting that right? Ok! Let me share this powerful sentence with you my friend: This is not for you. (Start memorizing it now.) read more

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