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The Art Of Leveraging Scarcity

Month: May 2014

Nobody told me it was going to be so hard

When I was in elementary school I had this self-esteem problem because I was short. I grew up kind of wishing I were taller. I started hating who I was. My classmates used to call me “little mouse”. I did not like it, but I guess I believed it. I carried this low self-esteem mentality during my first two years of high school until the day I said that’s enough. I stopped caring about their commentaries, their opinions and started loving myself as never before. I spent countless hours and days alone trying to discover my worth, my strengths and my inner core being. read more

Stop Faking It ! Be you

Aren’t you happy? You can finally be you and stop faking it.

There was a time you needed to wear black shoes, a tie or tuck your shirt inside your pants.

There was a time you had to cut your hair or change your color if you were black.

There was a time you could not get on the bus because you were black.

In the history of the world there are many periods of intolerance and absolute rejection of otherness; as the time humanity killed Galileo because he said the world was not flat. There were plenty of times like these and they continue still. A certain time you could be killed because you were not Catholic, at other times people would kill you because you were Catholic. read more

Your presentation is boring and your slides suck.

Your presentation is boring and your slides suck.

Have you ever been to a presentation where the speaker is boring? Where the slides don’t evoke any emotions and are filled with an endless amount of bullet points that are definitely not cohesive? I am sure you have been in some of these talks.

It bothers me when a speaker starts his/her presentation by asking people not to play with their electronic devices while speaking. Or when a speaker says, “I guess nobody is paying attention”. In this world where there’s more and more distraction, people’s attention is pressured by a large variety of stimuli. In other words, people’s attention becomes rare and scarce. Therefore, it is the speaker’s job to be interesting and to gain the audience’s attention. If you are a speaker and you cannot do that, you need to stop speaking or learn how to do it in a non-boring way. read more

Beyond Differences & Anger ( Dominican Republic & Haiti)

Is this a joke? You might be asking yourself this right now. No, it’s true.

If you don’t know how our relationship has deteriorated over the past six months, just Google it. This article might be the only good news you see regarding this matter.

We are 13 students from the Dominican Republic and Haiti studying business in the U.S as part of the Scholarship for Education & Economic Development (SEED). We were scheduled to do a cultural presentation to an American and Latino audience on April 27 and we really wanted to do something worth talking about. The idea of wearing each other traditional outfits came to the table and we all accepted as if two lovers getting married. This simple act showed how thirsty were for a peaceful life on the island; it shows both of our governments that they need a break. They need a break from their masquerade about laws and all the nonsense propaganda. read more

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