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The Art Of Leveraging Scarcity

Month: April 2014

Leader-cheap and Leader-sheep vs. Leadership

In some sort of way, we are all leaders, whether that means leading our choices, our life, our children or an organization. Having been involved with many organizations, I have noticed that most people fall among these three following categories: Leader-cheap, Leader-sheep and Leader-ship. You have probably never heard of these terms. Don’t worry I am a non-native English speaker who’s courting the language.


There is a story about a relatively great leader who had great influence in his town. One time, the king of the town was faced with a decision that was contrary to his beliefs and those of his people. He firmly opposed for a long time until the prince seduced him with two of the finest type of Cuban cigars. The following day, the man smoked like a dragon and forgot all about his people. This is what I called leader-cheap. It doesn’t take a lot to buy these leaders. Some flattery might also be fine, at least it boost their low self-esteem. They don’t have any conviction; they are simply using their followers to attain their means. These are the leaders who also know how to buy followers through flattery or shame. They might belittle you or congratulate you; it all depends on your weaknesses. Clever trick, right? As a lion screaming before death; inconsistency and ignorance lied behind their arrogance. Very good actors, they are…they can even cry to get what they want. read more

Ego vs. Impact. What’s your choice?

It’s all started the Friday I got selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University 2014 in Phoenix, AZ from March 21-23. Being on the waiting list had broken part of my ego and my confidence, so my selection brought them back. Then, I wanted to prove I was worth it. Wrong! I made the dumbest mistake by attaching my worth to an invitation.

Ready like a lion waiting for his prey, I put in all I had to win the Resolution Project that I did not eventually win. I was on fire when leaving Wausau to fly to Arizona. 100% motivated and focused. read more

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