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The Art Of Leveraging Scarcity

3 Rezon Ki Fèw Pap Janm Vin Yon Lidè Konsekan

Anpil moun aji kont pwòp tèt yo nan fè zak kap detwi pwòp sa yap konstwi.

Youn nan pi gwo kalite yon moun, se kapasite poul konn kiyès li ye. Sa vle di yon envantè fòs ak feblès li. Konpreyansyon saa pèmèt li aji nan yon liy ki kadre ak vizyonl.

Rekonèt yon pwoblèm se yon opòtinite pou evitel oswa korijel. Kidonk nan blòg saa mvle atire atansyon sou 3 rezon ki ka anpechew vin yon lidè.



Siw pa ka di:
Eskize !

Mfè yon erè! Sanw pa chache eskiz, lidèchip pa pou ou.

Nan tan lontan, yon lidè se te gwo ponyèt. Se moun ki te ka pale pi fò ak sak te pi awogan an. Jodia sa chanje. Estrateji gwo kòlèt pa bay rezilta.

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Sekrè tout moun ki anvi dekouraje dwe konnen

Ou travay maten midi swa. Ou chanje estrateji, chanje metòd pou yon meyè rezilta. Ou pale ak moun, ou travay sou tèt ou, men sa pral fè 2 zan wap frape anyen poko tonbe. Ou jis anvi abandone.

Pasyans, paske siksèw ap jèmen.

Wap pran matirite

Depiw plante fòw gen pasyans pou tann rekòt. Pou jaden an byen soti, ou dwe kite plant yo pase nan tout etap nesesè pou atenn matirite.

Peryòd yon plant ap grandi anba tè a sanble ak peryòd fènwa kew trouvew aprèw fin travay di epi rezilta poko tonbe. Tout travay la ap fèt nan fènwa. Efòw yo ap metamòfoze pou baw rezilta wap tann lan. Siw sispann wouze gen anpil chans poul mouri.

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How To Leverage Poverty Without Going Insane

Four years ago on a hot summer day, my mom looked at my sister and I and said: I guess we are not going to eat tonight because there’s nothing to cook. We politely nodded and went straight to bed. While laying on my bed something happened to me and I said:  no, we are not going to sleep like that. I went out in the dark found some pine cones, used a plastic bag to light up the pines. I made the fire and boiled some kazoo that a friend has sent us.  This is not something people usually eat boiled, but we enjoyed it, laughed about it and hoped that one day our lives would be better. To go through these terrible tough times, I trained myself to live in two worlds at once and create an anchor to keep me focus on what I want in life. So, here are my two ways to leverage poverty without going  insane.

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Prezan 2016 : Let’s Send Them To School

Did you ask any NGO or the government? That was my friend’s question when I told him about my social campaign “Prezan 2016”.

No I did not, I am looking to start a grassroots movement driven by individuals, not by the government nor an NGO. Our goal is to connect busy individuals who want to make a difference with those in need.

Prezan 2016 aims to provide school supplies to 500 ( double of last year) students in Haiti with the support of individuals all over the world so that students go to school instead of staying at home out of shame. Technology reduces distance, so we are using social media power to create an engaging movement, effectively building a tribe that believes in the power of education. Creating videos and inviting people to participate via challenges and sharing social posts are some of the ways we are making the campaign fun and engaging.

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HaitiNumérique2030 : 22 big takeaways

A futuristic vision of Haiti

It was 5:05 pm when I got to the Royal Oasis Hotel to take part at HaitNumérique2030. At the end of the stairs I met a classmate whom I haven’t seen in 7 years who quickly asked, “Are you having a session at the conference?” I politely replied, “no.” Then, we discussed about technology and social media in Haiti. After a few minutes, I went on to network with some folks who like my work online. It felt good to know your work is making a difference. But we aren’t here to talk about my feelings (lol).

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Rejection : 7 tips to become rejection-proof

Overcome rejection

This post has nothing to do with positive thinking or self-fulling prophecy. 

Dear X,

Thanks you for your interest in becoming a (need for recognition) fellow. We regret to inform you that you were not selected…

When is the last time you received such correspondence?

I have been reading so many of these letters that I’ve become “rejection-proof, a new term I’ve come up with to define people who do not let rejections kill their best self.

When I first started receiving these letters, I would become stressed and depressed. Then I started realizing that these letters have nothing to do with me, the rejections are all about the organizations or people who send them. They themselves have their own issues.  Maybe they were drunk or tired when they read my resume or application.  Or maybe it was not a good match? Nothing wrong with that.

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Are you making art? Only the artists will survive

There was a time when a group of people  controlled everything. Ironically, I call them the guardians. Their role was to protect the market place, the society, the human kind. Where are those people? What happened to them?

When I was seventeen, I had the intense desire of creating a radio show. As any young bright man would do, I prepare a two pages document explaining the objective of the radio show. Lucky, I knew someone who was working at a radio, I went to him, explained my idea, then handed him my two pages in the hope he’s going to do something about it. At least advising me or asking me questions. Until now I am still waiting to hear from him. Maybe he will call someday.

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